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You don’t have to fit in!!

The story of 3 young entrepreneurs who broke the norms of the society and proved them wrong by creating their own land of misfits! A country wherein parents believe that their child has achieved...

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“Meri Maggi: Miss you too Yaar”

Does the headline ring a bell? Do you remember the ban of India’s legendry quick snack, back in year 2015? When FSSAI claimed Maggi to be unsafe and ordered to destroy all the packets...

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Flipkart vs Snapdeal vs Amazon

Flipkart announced ‘The Big Billion Day’ sale for October 6,2014. The stage was set and Flipkart spent a lot of money to promote the sale on social media and TV commercials. Flipkart was very... 0

Print ad by

Today I came across a print ad posted by The ad depicted a poor person living on the streets ( possibly a beggar , as evident from the coin box shown in the...


Chumbak: Either ‘Now’ Or ‘Never’

“Don’t overthink things. Just do it. Do it for the right reason” ….is the Mantra for success that helped this husband-wife entrepreneur duo to achieve their vision and ever since, there was no looking...


The Tale Behind Thums Up

In 1976, Indira Gandhi called for elections and all other parties united against Congress and named their union – Janta Party. Janta Party came into the power in 1977 and insisted Coca-Cola that either...