AstroBuddy : Changing the purview of Astrology

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The Brain behind the Product


Bhupesh Sharma is a practicing Astro Consultant for more than 10 years. A young, dynamic and immensely gifted Astro Counselor, he has many admirers for his rather unconventional and radical professional advice, suggestions and individual predictions. He has been counseling many corporate heads and business houses on issues like HR, Mergers, acquisitions, take-over, new business ventures etc.

His novel approach and vision has many ideas for the mobile industry which can transform the dynamics of the VAS revenues under Astrology.


People feel Astrology can determine the future. According to you is there a scientific reasoning behind it!!


Astrological charts are basically the positioning of the planets at the time of our birth. Whenever a person is born, the planetary configuration at that moment is believed to be aligned (which is based on a person’s actions and deeds in the past) in a way which indicates the broad structure of his/her life to come. So basically it’s an analysis of probability. Astro Counselors study these astrological charts or the planetary configuration to predict the direction/shape of the present life.

It would be wise to say that “Planetary configurations follow -Newton’s third law of motion” i.e. whatever happens with us in present/future is a reaction of the actions we performed in our past.

It is therefore true that with the principles of Astrology we can very well visualize our bad times and good times and plan our current lives accordingly.


Astrology in itself is an unconventional field of study, so what motivated you to take up this profession?


Astrology has been an integral part of our civilization and culture. We may ridicule it, make fun of it, consider it a pseudo science but the fact is everyone wants some sort of answers to their endless insecurities.

I believe- “Majority of the Astro Counselors follow the remedial approach and hence this endless debate whether it is effective or not. If we search for remedies, it is a gimmick”.

 And here lies the problem.

Astrology in its true sense is an indicative science. It’s NOT a predictive or remedial science. Everybody propagates remedies. Had remedies been so powerful, would so many problems still exist all around us?

This ‘Myth’ and ‘Blind Faith’ of people on Astro Counsellors was a major concern for me. I have always believed ‘If you want to change something, you need to get into the field and lead from the front” and this motivated me to take up this profession.

I want to teach people about the science involved in Astrology and not to fall in a trap of fake Astro Counsellors.  Having said this, with my new venture Astrobuddy, I am directly interacting with a lot of people and working on the same lines.


Tell us something about Astrobuddy!! What makes it different from other Astrology apps?




AstroBuddy is a newly launched application that provides chat based astrology to its users. It’s one of a kind application available in the market. With this platform I and my team will be motivating people to take up challenges and guide them to a better solution for their problems.

The app can help users take right decisions in career choices, partner choices, planning of major events etc. and hence we aim to provide them with a happy and prosperous career.

Apart from providing chat based consultancy the app also provides daily, monthly and yearly free horoscope to its users. The app also features the traits expected out of different horoscopes and hence providing one single platform for all different functionalities to its users.


Thank you so much for all the insights and knowledge and we hope people would like your new venture. It was a pleasure talking to you.


For those who want to download the app, the app is available for free on playstore-

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