Chumbak: Either ‘Now’ Or ‘Never’

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Don’t overthink things. Just do it. Do it for the right reason

….is the Mantra for success that helped this husband-wife entrepreneur duo to achieve their vision and ever since, there was no looking back for them.


Shubhra Chadda and Vivek prabhakar, founder – Chumbak Designs, went a step ahead to making it big in the business when they decided to take a gamble of selling their 40 Lakh worth flat in Bangalore, in order to fund Shubhra’s idea.

Well, this only surfaces the reality that, the essence of becoming an entrepreneur lies in your ability to take risks!!

Shubhra, a well-paid marketer at NetApp, just like every other individual was sceptical to leave her job and pursue her long time wish of becoming an entrepreneur. She had the idea, but with no background in design or retail she knew she had to start from scratch and therefore, chose to take a back step. However, 3 years later in 2008, it was during her maternity leave when at the encouragement of her husband, Vivek, she realized that it is either ‘now or never’.

The couple, also enthusiastic and avid travellers, had travelled around the world collecting souvenirs, mainly fridge magnets. One fine day, looking at the magnets on her fridge, Shubhra realized that there is not even a single souvenir that she owns from India. And this is how, the idea to start Chumbak (meaning Magnet), struck a chord with her.

With the idea of creating a range of fun souvenirs for India and Indians, and bringing something ‘Quirky’ to the market, Chumbak was founded in 2010.


Chumbak success


Today the brand has grown by leaps and bounds with 17 flagship stores, presence over multiple e-commerce websites, and over 100 product categories with designs that uniquely represent various aspects of India. Vivek, who left his job at SunMicrosystems in order to help his wife, currently serves as the CEO of Chumbak and looks after marketing and sales. While Shubhra on the other hand handles design and product development.

Chumbak Success

From understanding the ‘target customer’ to proper ‘product segmentation’ into 3 major categories – accessory, apparel, and home, Shubhra and Vivek have successfully made a mark in the market by harmoniously growing together, personally as well as professionally, and respecting each other’s different working styles.

Chumbak has not only evolved into a famous lifestyle brand but also, enjoys a unique presence in the market. Together, the founders and their team work towards a common goal of getting the brand recognized and loved by all, across the globe. Thereby also setting a major learning for every aspiring entrepreneur, that – ‘it is never too late to start something new as long as it serves your passion!!’


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