Fevicol ka Mazboot Jod hai, Tootega Nahi

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It is said that “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind” and proving the validity of this quote is a brand that did wonders to reach each and every household and retail shops within a short span of time. A brand that was unheard of but with its strong marketing strategies, became a representation of the entire product category.

A brand that made its presence felt in an industry which was highly fragmented and proved to be a game changer. A brand that became so “Mazboot” that no other competitor could ever break it or replace it.  Let’s analyze the success factors of the legendary brand ‘Fevicol’-

The Beginning

The Fevicol story began in the year 1959, when the co-founder of Pidilite Industries, Mr. Balvant Parekh also known as the ‘Fevicol Man’ decided to launch ‘white glue’ in India. White glue was primarily used for woodwork; and as a secondary application for upholstery, flooring, and footwear. The launch of Fevicol happened at a time when very complex natural adhesives (which needed to be melted before use) were the norms of wooden furniture making industry. However, Fevicol being a synthetic resin adhesive and easy to use, proved to be a game changer and a disruptor and was quickly adopted by the Indian mass population.

Over the years, Fevicol built a monopoly in the adhesive space and quickly captured 90% market share of the entire industry. Though Mr. Balvant Parekh passed away in year 2013 (at the age of 88),but in October 2012, he was ranked Number 45 on Forbes Asia’s India Rich List with a family fortune of $1.36 billion. All thanks to the heroic brand –‘Fevicol’.


The Marketing Mantra

Though Fevicol was a great product and ‘great products sell themselves’, the company didn’t want to be ‘a just another glue brand’. It wanted to become synonymous with adhesives in the Indian market. So below are the strategies which helped the brand become a disruptor and helped them create a monopoly-


1) Affordable Pricing

Initially, Fevicol targeted furniture makers and carpenters, and sold the product at a very affordable. Even when the brand increased the marketing spend, the pricing was kept constant. This helped Fevicol build a strong brand loyalty and faith among its customers, resulting in higher repeat purchases.


2) Diversification

Though initially Fevicol began with targeting carpenters, but over the years, Pidilite expanded its portfolio to household goods as well. It launched Fevicol in varied packet sizes, so that even household people could afford it and use it.


3) Sense of belonging

Fevicol did a great job with its advertisements. TVCs as well as print ads were kept very simple yet effective and immediately communicated the message to its target segment. The brand launched a variety of TVCs and print ads, in order to ensure that it was able to connect to different segments of population (be it carpenters or the professional working class).


4) Unconventional Marketing

‘Tere photo ko seene se yaar, chipka le saiyaan Fevicol se’. This popular hit item number from Dabang 2 depicts how Fevicol followed an unconventional marketing approach to strengthen the brand recall among its customers. The team partnered with Arbaaz Khan’s production to include the name of the brand in their song and in return Fevicol promoted the movie. Something which was never done before.


fevicol se


The Conclusion

‘A great product can only be sold because of effective marketing, and marketing can only be effective if the product sold is great’.

The above mantra and the combination of great product with effective marketing helped Fevicol reached to the position where it is today. The brand quickly grabbed the eyeballs of customers and gained a huge traction. From minimal market share to capturing over 90% market share seems to be an impossible task for any new brand but Fevicol proved its heroism for Pedilite and created a brand space for itself in a highly fragmented market.

Fevicol has been available in the market for ages now and we hope to see it continuing in future as well; for the brand has given us so many memories to cherish.

We wish that the bond of the adhesive brand with its customers stays to be a ’Mazboot Jod, Jo Kabhi Nahi Toote’ !!

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