Flipkart vs Snapdeal vs Amazon

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Flipkart announced ‘The Big Billion Day’ sale for October 6,2014. The stage was set and Flipkart spent a lot of money to promote the sale on social media and TV commercials. Flipkart was very optimistic about the sale and positioned it as ‘something that has never happened before’ !!


Everybody was very excited and eagerly waiting for the D-Day. But on the big day, when Flipkart announced its launch on the front page of TOI, it got a shocker from the rival company Snapdeal. Snapdeal attacked Flipkart with its own sales offer by announcing, ‘For Others it is a Big Day. For us, today is no different’ .


The ad introducing this launch was placed in the same newspaper and to the immediate right of Flipkart’s Big Day Launch ad !!

big billion day

Even Amazon.in took a jab at Flipkart’s Big day by buying the keyword bigbillionday.com. Now, whenever any consumer typed bigbillionday on browser, he was routed to amazon.in.


Comment the marketing strategy depicted in this scenario?

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