When Passion turns into a Business

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It is said that – ‘Have the passion, take the action & magic will happen’, and following this simple thought effectively is a person who not only lived his passion, but turned it into a scalable business. This is the tale of a dancer turned entrepreneur who was so obsessed with bhangra that he never missed out a chance to perform on stage whether it was in school, college, or the MNC that recruited him. Whenever he got an opportunity to perform, he performed to express his feelings.

This is the tale of Mr. Ankush Jagota, the founder of a unique startup – ‘Bhangra Fitness Classes’.

Working in a software company, Ankush was subdued and always dreamt of starting his own venture that would also allow him to follow his passion i.e. bhangra. One day, Ankush felt frustrated at work while coding, but instead of cribbing and not doing anything, he immediately got up, ordered speakers from an ecommerce website and went back to his home with couple of friends. It was the D-day when Ankush danced like anything to express his freedom and it was then, when an idea struck him that changed his life. An idea to start his own venture that would also allow him to follow his passion for Bhangra.

Ankush contemplated – ‘Just like him there are many people in India who are upset and tensed with their daily monotonous routine. Who want to express their feelings but they either don’t get the opportunity or they lack time. As a result of 9am -6pm job, these people end up affecting their health as well. So why can’t he start a venture positioning bhangra as a way to remain fit.

This would serve two purposes- 1. People will remain fit; 2. It will keep them happy by reducing the boredom from their lives ‘

And that’s how a simple idea turned into an effective startup!!

Soon, Ankush started promoting his venture for free among his colleagues and received a very good feedback. He started publishing bhangra videos on his Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel and to no one’s surprise, many of them went viral!!

Though, all this while Ankush wasn’t making much money, but he was content, for now he was following his passion.

Today, within a year from the inception, Ankush’s business has grown manifold with over 25k YouTube subscribers and over 1000 paid customers who are happily dancing with Bhangra Fitness team. What started from a small house an year ago, is now a full-fledged startup spread across 4 states i.e. Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and Delhi where Ankush organizes workshops for his diversified clientele. Customers are happy to join BFC, for they see a lot of value that this business provides to their lives, that too at a nominal cost.

Needless to say, Ankush is a true inspiration for a lot of people who want to follow their passion but are reluctant to do so because of certain reasons.


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