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Today I came across a print ad posted by The ad depicted a poor person living on the streets ( possibly a beggar , as evident from the coin box shown in the image) getting a job from


Though the ad amused me at first, but when I compared it with real life situation, I found a big flaw in it. Here’s why the print ad shown here is unjust and not a true representation of current scenario


1) Today, HR recruiters prefer to hire experienced candidates and fresher’s are considered a burden for any organisation. ( Now if this person was experienced, he wouldn’t be living on streets)


2) For an HR recruiter to even shortlist you for the next round, relevant skillset is very important. They want anything and everything but at a low salary. ( If this person had any skillset, he wouldn’t be living like this).


3) HR recruiters tend to judge you by your current situation and not on your past achievements. ( Basis current situation, this person doesn’t stand a chance at all).print ad

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