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Maggi Ban and return 1

“Meri Maggi: Miss you too Yaar”

Does the headline ring a bell? Do you remember the ban of India’s legendry quick snack, back in year 2015? When FSSAI claimed Maggi to be unsafe and ordered to destroy all the packets...

big billion day 0

Flipkart vs Snapdeal vs Amazon

Flipkart announced ‘The Big Billion Day’ sale for October 6,2014. The stage was set and Flipkart spent a lot of money to promote the sale on social media and TV commercials. Flipkart was very...

naukri.com 0

Print ad by Naukri.com

Today I came across a print ad posted by Naukri.com. The ad depicted a poor person living on the streets ( possibly a beggar , as evident from the coin box shown in the...