When Vision turns into a Business

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As quoted by Thomas Edison- “The Value of an Idea lies in using of it“. It is of no use if you have a great idea but you don’t act upon it; however even a simple idea, if implemented correctly can cause a disruption. Remember- ‘Ideas have a short shelf life, and you must act on them before the expiration date’.

With a vision of being an artist but not able to sell her paintings online, Ms N, was subdued. However, she didn’t lose hope and continued to fight valiantly. She was not yet ready to accept her defeat; she was determined to achieve something big. And that was the time when an idea struck Ms. N and she co founded ‘J.M’ – a company that provides hand painted customized footwear to its customers.

Here’s a story of an artist turned entrepreneur who chased her dream and turned a simple yet effective idea into a startup –

Ms. N, born and brought up in Mumbai was always fascinated by Punjabi attire. She really admired the elegance and grace of Punjabi dresses. To her, wearing a Punjabi suit was a way to flaunt her style and it made her personality shine which in turn provided her with psychological satisfaction. Residing in Mumbai, though she could shop her dresses from ‘N’ number of good Punjabi fashion boutiques but finding a perfect match Jutti always posed a problem for her.


There was an incident when Ms. N had to attend a family function and she thought what could be a better occasion than this- to wear her favorite Punjabi outfit; however she couldn’t find the matching jutti with it. She looked around for a week but in vain. Being an artist, Ms. N found a perfect solution to this problem. She bought a pair of plain juttis and painted them and decorated them herself. During the party, many people appreciated Ms. N for her attire and were flabbergasted to know that her juttis were actually hand painted.

It was then that Ms, N decided to start her own venture of ‘hand painted customized juttis’ that would solve the attire problem for many. And that is how ‘J.M’ was born.


The Road Ahead


Currently, ‘J.M’ is operating on a very small scale and its sales are very low as many people are not even aware that such a business exists.  However, with a huge promising growth of fashion industry and increasing e commerce websites, Ms. N is optimistic that her venture will boom in coming years and solve problem for many people. Though she is skeptical about the scalability of the business as she is the lone artist hand painting the juttis. So it is likely to pose a challenge for her once the demand soars.

Unlike many startups, Ms. N does not want to get into the race of minding quick money, rather she wants to go slow and focus on providing quality services to its customers. Ms. N believes in the saying that ‘One should chase the vision not the money, the money will end up following you’. So for now she is not worried about the sales, rather she is happy that ‘she is following her dream and her business is aligned to her vision’. With this thought in mind and with her willpower and determination to achieve the vision of being an artist, she is very hopeful about her venture.

However it would be interesting to see- Whether people accept this unconventional and unique business or will they opt for old traditional way, only time will tell!!


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