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Socrates once quoted- ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’. Here’s a tale of a person who always questioned Indian education system for imbibing only the theoretical knowledge and less of practical knowledge and gradually found out a way to improve the system. As a student, he always wanted to take risks and do something out of the box, but he feared the consequences, as nobody prepared him for worse situations/failures. As he grew old, he found himself strangled in a virtual world of historic wars, biographies of veteran legends, computing algorithms etc. and all these were far off the reality.

Meet Ishan Arora, founder of Your Brand Tale, a platform especially curated to inspire young aspiring entrepreneurs and passionate marketers. According to the founder’s ideology, ‘with the exemplary rise in successful brands across globe, what goes unseen is the story behind the brands, and the struggle and hard work that these brands take in reaching to the peak. Your Brand Tale is a platform to promote and appreciate such tales. And with promotion, it also fosters a lot of learning for the aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers’.

In his own words-‘I was made an engineer by tradition and not by my own will. Somehow I completed my B.Tech in computer science and joined a technology MNC. I certainly didn’t enjoy what was taught in the college, as most of it was only theoretical. However, I didn’t have courage to pour my heart out and kept mum for almost a decade; truly I was scared to speak up against the norms followed by the society. Though I performed really well in my job and was a top rated employee, it was not something I was passionate about.


As it is rightly quoted- ‘One should chase down the passion like it’s the last bus of the night’, I ensured that I didn’t miss mine. My love for marketing forced me to quit a comfortable 9am -5pm job and get an MBA degree from one of the most rigorous institute. It was the time when I realized the importance of practical learning. I started reading a lot about startups and became a startup enthusiast. I would read each and every article about booming/failed startups and would analyze the strategies that led to their success/failure. I realized how important it was for all the students (regardless of the domain/degree), to be aware about the real world situations. And that’s when I decided to take on the challenge and I began with a mission to promote practical learning in the form of Your Brand Tale.

YBT, as a platform is functional across various verticals and all with a single purpose of bringing a change. It has a website (www.yourbrandtale.com) which promotes inspiring brand tales. It is into startup consultancy wherein YBT gather projects from growing businesses and those projects are then executed by MBA/college students which in turn gain hands on experience on problems faced in real world. Also, with its new mission, YBT is also planning to tie up with government schools, and provide free classes to the underprivileged students. In those classes, YBT would be sharing the hardships of successful entrepreneurs who literally started from a zero and went on to become billionaires. The purpose is to motivate the students to dream and think big.


With its unconventional approach and focused vision, YBT is on its way to prove that- “Sometimes change and inspiring others are much important for a business than minting quick money alone.”


For inspiring brand tales visit –

Website – http://www.yourbrandtale.com/

Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/yourbrandtale/

Instagram Page- https://www.instagram.com/yourbrandtale/




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