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The story of 3 young entrepreneurs who broke the norms of the society and proved them wrong by creating their own land of misfits!

A country wherein parents believe that their child has achieved something only if he is a part of premiere institutes and where students study for years to get into one, with the mere idea that it will help them earn big and ­­­­­­­­gain a reputation in the society, meet Azhar Iqubal, Anunay Arunav of IIT Delhi, and Deepit Purkayastha of IIT Kharagpur who set a different example altogether.

It was not the degree that added a feather to their cap but an idea and self-believe that got them to be driving a business net worth of which was 25 crores as on November 2017.

This is the story behind Inshorts – an app curated for the fast-paced world that keeps you updated about the globe in just 60 words.


inshort success story

A brand, that started its’ journey with a Facebook page garnering 1k likes in just 8 days to witnessing around 5 million app downloads across android and iOS, the founders now have a workforce of around 100 employees working daily to help it achieve a target of 100cr revenue in near future.

While many of us dream of pursuing our passion, we tend to complain about the possibilities even before trying. But none was the case with these young founders. At the first place, neither did they really wish to do something that is world changing nor were they embarked on a profit-making journey. All they had was an idea, a risk-taker attitude, and a platform like Facebook that allows you to create a page within minutes.

They observed – got the idea – took their chances.

 Inshort, then “News in Shorts”, was live within 3 days of its inception gaining fame in no time, especially with the help of their IIT circuit. What started as a short-term goal with a Facebook page to test the idea, today is a well flourished business catering to millions daily.

inshorts success

We as a society have the pre-notion that entrepreneurs from IIT’s and IIM’s are successful because they have these names to back them up, but on the contrary, Azhar and Anunay were already college dropouts by the time they co-founded Inshort. This emphasizes on only one thing –

It’s all in you!! Not the college or the education, but you!

Inshorts is an idea which was much more than a need for survival, it was there for disruption of technology!! What already existed in the market and what people required, were miles apart and Inshorts did just the right thing to bridge the gap.

In the day-to-day hustle where the common man kept running between his personal and professional life, one never had the time to be updated to world affairs beyond the two lines of news headlines. What was in there never really mattered. This is the exact opportunity grabbed on to by the 3 founders. They created Inshorts which gave news in at most 60 words equivalent to news headlines, and there it was –  accepted at large by the content consumers, delivering right amount of content to the users of today with page links to those who wish to read more. Basically, customized and curated for all type of users.

People plan, strategize for months, calculate, re-calculate, iterate their ideas and what not. There are one’s who also gain degrees and education just to learn about entrepreneurship and start their business. But where was all of this when Azhar, Anunay, and Deepit thought of Inshorts during college?? They just acted upon their instinct and thought process to make it work. There is an entrepreneur in each one of us, all we need to do is work on making the idea a perfect one and learning as you grow through the risks, successes, and failures.  Inshorts evolved from being a news delivering platform to giving content more than news and later acquiring allowing data to be used for analyzing consumer behavior. Surely there was no formal training or education that the founders ever had, they grew in their understanding only with time and learning, teaching us one simple thing –

“All of the world is a school if you are open to learning and grab opportunities that come your way.”

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